Welcome to my blog, I pray that as we go through “Our Journey With God”, together we will learn through His Word, that God’s way is the Best way.

Mission Statement

To lead people to the knowledge that on their “Journey With God”, He must be first place in their life. 

To love God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind, and strength. 

To live a changed life through His Word.  

Reflecting The Light of His Love!

5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Kia ora my name is Veronica Raukawa I came across your site not by accident I believe God has lead me here, I attend a small church in New Zealand Karori Baptist so am blessed to read your testimony that we share the same church foundations.
    Anyway I had a dream a vision the other night date being 5th February 2014, a beautiful tree the most bright beautiful tree with glowing fruit, I was standing on a high balcony but could not quite reach them but as I stretched my arms out the fruit was handed to me or was floating to me and it felt like I was touching the hand of God as I held it.
    I know the teaching is March 2012, but I have been blessed to read your studies I was quite upset as I fasted I felt empty and cried but as I cried a voice was saying take the fruit it bought me back to my dream and when I saw your pictures of the fruit it just blew me away, now I need to apply to my life.
    blessings Veronica I have made your page my favourite

    1. Veronica that was all God and nothing to do with me. I know that what i write I live out first. I’m glad to know i have a friend in New Zealand. I have always wanted to visit there during the winter time. I love the cold. It’s too hot in Texas. lol Blessing to you and your family. Pastor Fernando Charles

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