1 Peter 5:7 (CEV)

God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him.

Today I write with much burden on my heart.  Yesterday my Step-Daughter and I were witness to a horrible accident that involved 5 children.  I could write a lot of what happened, but all I feel God putting on my heart to write is how his compassion for us is so great. Yes I witness a terrible accident but today I’m a witness of God’s Great and Never ending love for us.  As we stopped to render aid to the badly hurt children, I was first to arrive at the scene.  This little girl with a very big and deep laceration to her head came running to me with arms open, bleeding so much.  My heart hurt for her, and I grabbed her as if she was my very own.  She buried her face on my chest.  I hugged her and held her so tight.  She was crying in such otter pain.  Scared and in pain she began to say, “help me please, I don’t want to die”.   She kept repeating this, my heart was in such pain, others came and began to assist with the other children everyone calling 991 around us.  As she bled all over me I immediately began to talk to her, asking her for her name, she said it was “Chastity”.  She began to tell me that yesterday was her birthday.  Then she asked me if she was going to die.  I told her “no mija you are not going to die.” I told her “lets pray to God cause he love you ok”  she said, “okay”.  I began to pray and her spirit became calm.  Today as i look back at the events of yesterday I see a picture of how God is to us.  I’m not saying that I am God, but I am saying I allowed myself to be used by him and for a moment she felt the love of God with her.  We may not be in a situation like this little girl but in our lives we face many things and we are to the point of throwing in the towel to say, or maybe we are at that point of so much pain in our lives that we feel as if all is lost.   And along the way we have lost the sence of the one who is waiting for us to come to him.  Today, if you are hurting, if you are going through a struggle, a hard ship, what ever the case, bring it all to the Lord.  Today I have a clear view of how much God loves us.  As I knelt on the cement on my knees which felt like hours attending to this little one, I can see a clear picture of how God comes to us where we are and he takes us in his arms and his peace fills us and we know in his arms we are safe.  Remember today, God cares for you!

Pray:  God today I’m going through so much, and I’m in desperate need of your love, your shelter, your provision.  I need all of you in my life today.  Guide me in my steps, use me to help others, and show me the things I need to change in my life.  Today, fill with your peace, so I know you are near.  Amen!